Pankaj Gode @ E2Club

Kalyan Area, India

Aiming to reduce the effects of climate change by developing cost effective and efficient sustainable energy solutions. I have one year of experience in the field of solar thermal and solar photovoltaics. I am in process of doing post graduation in the field of sustainable energy. I want to help contribute or to develop new or existing sustainable energy solutions especially for those people who still lack reliable electricity grid.

Been in E2 Since: 2018

Currently @ Looking for opportunities

Locations Worked in: Pune, Ratnagiri,

Solar Energy

  • Solar PV
  • Offgrid Solar Power
  • Solar Thermal

Sustainable Agriculture, Food & Forestry

  • Agri Waste Management
  • Organic Farming
  • Sustainable Agriculture


  • Design & Engineering
  • Project Implementation
  • Academics

My Projects

Developing a Program for the Design of Solar Photovoltaic System for Vaccine Storage

I developed a VB program which calculates the specifications of any commercial Solar PV system for any geographical location in this case a vaccine storage system....


Gravity Light

This project was based on conversion of gravitational energy of falling weights into electric energy. I used internal epicyclic gear train to maximize the time of fall and generate electricity....


Optical Fiber Daylighting

This was my final year project in mechanical engineering. We used a parabolic mirror to concentrate the sunlight on optical fiber receiver. We employed 'Arduino Uno' controller to program the solar tr...


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