How can we bring down the costs and increase the performance of electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles offer a low carbon, sustainable avenue for future transportation. But even after two decades, the costs of electric vehicles are still (as of 2018) much higher than comparable conventional vehicles. What can be done to bring down the cost of electric vehicles significantly?

How will it have a positive impact?

Better Health of Planet

Better Human Health

Who will it have a positive impact on?

Urban Community

Innovation Updates

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Department of Energy commits $20.5M to spark lithium-ion battery recycling

08-02-2019 | India Tamil Nadu Kundrathur | Sustainable Transportation

The next major innovation in batteries might be here

07-08-2018 | Sustainable Transportation

IIT Hyderabad Startup Launches Affordable Lithium Batteries

17-09-2018 | Sustainable Transportation

24M, Reeling In $22M, Thinks It Has the Next Great Battery

17-12-2018 | Sustainable Transportation

Beyond the lithium-ion battery

31-10-2018 | Sustainable Transportation

Honda, NASA, & Caltech Claim Fluoride Battery Breakthrough

08-12-2018 | Sustainable Transportation

11 Lithium-Ion Battery Makers That Don’t Need Cobalt

09-07-2018 | Sustainable Transportation

Lithium Battery Technologies Take in Massive Funding

11-09-2018 | Sustainable Transportation

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Tackling the challenge

Given below are some of the themes and topics about which you can research to know more about the various avenues available to solve the challenge

A battery management system is any electronic system that manages a rechargeable battery, such as by protecting the battery from operating outside its safe operating area, monitoring its state, calculating secondary data, reporting that data, control
Hybrid-electric cars use both gas and electricity to propell the car. Cars running on a IC engine typically use a lot of gas at times when they come to a stop or pick up speed after a stop.
Plug-in hybrid-electric cars are a subdivision of the hybrid-electric car. PE-cars (Plug-in hybrid cars) generally have a larger battery than hybrid cars. The larger battery holds a longer charge making it possible to not use the internal combustion