E2 Club is a fast-growing community for clean energy, environment and sustainability professionals worldwide.

In addition to being a platform where you can exhibit your background and expertise in energy or environment fields, E2 Club also has a unique section where you can showcase your projects in an attractive and effective manner.

It is likely that you spent weeks, if not months, in designing and implementing a project. You would have created something useful from your efforts, and would have had tremendous amount of learning along the way.

By spending just 10 minutes to provide details of your project here, you can achieve the following:

Great Visibility - Enable thousands of relevant professionals worldwide to read and learn from what you had done. An energy or environment project of yours could be the inspiration for many other projects worldwide – imagine the difference such a multiplication can make!

Continuous Learning - Interact with relevant experts and professionals to gain from their knowledge and expertise in similar topics

Business & Technical Assistance - Get help from the rest of the industry (technical, marketing or financial assistance) to take your project to the next stage

Project Collaboration - Find collaboration partners for your project

"Having your energy or environment project showcased at E2 Club will be the starting point for you to benefit continuously from the project. And for the rest of the world to benefit continuously from it too!"

AND…all it takes is 10 minutes of your time.

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You can look at the Projects given below as examples

Suseum - The Sustainability Museum by Narasimhan Santhanam

Suseum was a museum for sustainability, conceived, designed and run for 3 years by EAI. The objective was to create a central resource that celebrated and exhibited the various aspects of sustainabili...


Airlet - Air pollution indicator for travel routes by Reshmy Prasad

Airlet provides a differentiated solution to monitor air pollution along the popular travel routes in a city and provide targeted alerts to the users who wish to take less polluted routes. The solutio...


Market & Economic Feasibility Research For Biodiesel in India by Gayathri Kumar

To validate the market, technology and commercial/economic feasibility for the biodiesel business opportunity