Rainwater Harvesting System for an Urban Household

Posted On:2018-11-29 16:25:33


Rainwater harvesting can have numerous benefits irrespective of the location. From low water bills to reduced ecological footprint, to ensuring quality supply of water. We install rainwater harvesting systems for your apartments, housing colonies, offices, schools and any building. A case study of RWH system installed at an apartment in Gurgoan is given here

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Project Type

  • Commercial Project
  • Social/Community Project


: Guragaon

: 2016/10 to 2017/01


  • Water Management
  • Energy Storage

Project Status

  • Completed

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otal rooftop area of 1500 sqm
Total rainfall harvested : 272 cubic meters
70% of the rainwater collected from the rooftop and surface run off is harvested

Tools & Technologies

Water Level and quality of the water is monitored periodically


Prepare the property removing all the sources of contamination (leaves, dirt etc)
Build the tank according to the rooftop area and expected rainfall
Install filters to remove any leaves or debris from the water collected
Flush the first shower out or divert the water
Secure the system with proper safety nets and shields
Monitor and maintain

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