Converting food waste oil to alternate fuel

Posted On:2018-11-28 18:23:34


Running Diesel Engines using used fryer oil from restaurants. Waste cooking oil is collected from different restaurants and after rounds of purification .

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: Belgavi

: 2017/11 to 2018/02


  • Bio-Energy

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  • Completed

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The waste oil collected was purified first through a screen to remove impurities. The filtered oil is then heat and passed through a centrifuger to filter the oil. The oil obtained from the centrifuge is good to be pumped to the vehicles or the diesel storage tank.

Results & Inferences

The vehicles that previously ran on diesel are now powered using recycled waste oil. The mileage is good, the fuel also provides better lubrication to the engine with little visible black smoke from the ignition as before.

Future Plans

Minor modifications to avoid oil leakages. Scaling up of the filtration process.

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