EV Charging Station

Posted On:2018-11-28 17:36:27


Charging station installed for office staff to promote Electric Vehicles. Staff with electric vehicle is given free parking and free charging.

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Project Type

  • Commercial Project
  • Social/Community Project


: Sydney

: 2016/07 to 2016/12


  • Sustainable Mobility

Project Status

  • Completed

Looking for

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4 , AC Level 2 ,15 A Charging points

Input Supply Requirements: 3 Phase supply 415V 40A

Plug Type: Type 2 AC & 16A Smart Socket

Plug Output Current: 32 A & 16A

Plug output voltage: 415V 3ph 32A

Charging cables: 20A 250 V

Pole Mount with 7" LCD touch display UI


Results & Inferences

The response from the staff has been high.

Future Plans

More charging points are planned to be installed. DC fast Charging points are also under consideration.

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