Solar Water Pumps

Posted On:2018-11-28 10:49:46


Due to high power agricultural requirements and constant power shutdowns due to the remote location Solar Water Pumps were installed as an alternative. Solar Water Pumps are not only a sustainable option but also operating costs are minimum. The pump is situated where clear sunlight is received on most of the days around the year.

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: Nagpur ,Nashik,Raigad


  • Solar Energy
  • Water Management

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  • Completed

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Submersible Water Pump

Capacity :10 H.P. = 7500 Wp

Heads in Meter : 22m

Solar Panel:240 Wp x 40 Nos, Topsun Energy Ltd.

Capacity : 12kW


Site analysis on the Sunlight availability was done.

Understanding the water requirement

Selection of solution, pump and solar panels


Results & Inferences

High capital cost but since operating costs are low obtaining finances helped in execution

Future Plans

Install more such pumps

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