Community Solar Power Plant

Posted On:2018-11-28 10:32:43


Designing decentralised Solar Grid for a village. The Solar Power Plant was set up under Build Own Operate Transfer model (BOOT) such that the complete ownership of operating and maintaining the plant was given to the community.

Project in a nutshell

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Project Type

  • Social/Community Project
  • Government/Public Project



: Nashik


  • Solar Energy

Project Status

  • On Going

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  • Investment

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10 kWh plant

Two inverters of 5 kW each supplying power of 42 Volt (DC) to 220 Volt (AC) & one 9 kW inverter charge controller.

Mini-grid is supplying single phase 220 Volt (AC) power

Results & Inferences

Improved life standards and sanitation. The members of the village are happy with the results, the lights allow their children to study during night time. It has also given them benefits of improved sanitation as water pumps are now being installed at every block

Future Plans

Expansion of the project to similar villages.

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