Comfort IDS Based I-COOLR

Posted On:2018-11-12 18:45:49


Global climate change is threatening the human thermal comfort due to increasing outdoor temperatures. In tropical regions like India, the temperatures are soaring high and expected to further rise at the faster rate according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This will lead to the use of refrigerant based space conditioning systems as a primary thermal comfort solution. We have come with the alternative i.e Comfort-IDS based I-COOLR. I-COOLR is an energy efficient and cost effective space conditioning Solutions and Comfort-IDS is a sensor-based control system which gives occupants the options to choose from different modes space conditioning i.e Natural Ventilation, Assisted Ventilation, Direct Evaporative Cooling, Indirect-Direct Evaporative Cooling and Direct Expansion (DX) mode.

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Project Type

  • Corporate/Industry Research
  • Commercial Project
  • Social/Community Project


: Chennai,New Delhi, Ahemdabad

: 2017/04 to 2018/11


  • CO2 Remediation
  • Energy Efficiency

Project Status

  • On Going

Looking for

  • Partnerships
  • Investment

Team Members

  • Raj Kumar
  • Ankit Anand
  • Naga Venkata Sai Kumar

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