Bio-fuel production and characterization from coconut shell

Posted On:2018-11-08 02:04:06


The present scenario of energy crisis could decipher by enhancing the energy generation using the abundant resources of biomass-waste. Coconuts are aplenty available tropical biomass. The pyrolysis experiments were carried out at a temperature range between 450 C–600 C at a constant heating rate of 20 C/min. The maximum liquid yield was 49.5% at a temperature of 575 C. The obtained artefact at an optimum condition was analyzed for the fuel properties, chromatographic and spectroscopic analysis. Results inferred that the liquid product could be utilized as the alternative fuel and staple resources for valuable chemicals. The calorific value of carbonaceous residual bio-char obtained was 23.68 MJ/kg thus it could also be potentially utilized as solid fuel.

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