De-Centralised plastic pyrolysis

Posted On:2018-10-26 16:07:18


Due to minor proportion of plastic waste in the vegetable market waste of Virudhunagar, our objective is to make a sustainable business model for plastic waste segregated. From the study, we were able to find the actual costs for segregation, transportation & financial feasibility of the De-Centralised plastic pyrolysis approach.

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Project Type


: Virudhunagar

: 2018/05 to 2018/07


Project Status

Looking for

Team Members

  • 3


Capacity - 25kgs

Mass Balance - 50% Oil, 38% Gas, & 12% Carbon residue

Energy Balance - 200000kcal feed, 375000kcal output

End application : Oil - Furnace heating, Gas - self heating, carbon - briquettes

Tools & Technologies

Technology - Pyrolysis

Mode - De-Centralised

Heating mode - Agro waste furnace heating

Make of material - Insulated Mild Steel

Operating Hours - 8hrs



Collection - Municipal corporation

Transport - Caring Nature, NGO

Segregation - Graduated youths

Vegetable waste - Vermi composting by Jaypee Biotech

Plastic waste - De-Centralised plastic pyrolysis by Nandhagopal, Senthee waste management solutions.

Electricit & Skilled Operators are not required.


Results & Inferences

It is found that, we can able to get a revenue of 500 at an average daily from the De-Centralised plastic pyrolysis.

Future Plans

Already most of the rural areas are excelling in resource recovering, through this De-Centralised plastic pyrolysis the waste management will be more effective.

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