Experimental Analysis of Desalination Unit Coupled with Solar Water Lens Concentrator

Posted On:2018-10-25 18:45:17


The developed model uses a novel technology to concentrate ample amount of solar radiation in a cost effective way, ie water acting as lens to pre heat the water which can be a substitute for CSP systems.

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  • College Project



: Coimbatore

: 2016/01 to 2016/12


  • Solar Energy
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Energy Storage

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Team Members

  • Chaithanya K K


Used a novel technology of Water acting as lens to concentrate solar irradiance rather than using commercially available CSP system.

Results & Inferences

The water lens is an eco friendly approach to concentrate abundant amount of solar energy and the maximum temperature obtained at the focus was 514?C. From the present work, it can be inferred that , as the curvature of water lens increase the time required to heat the water decreases. The experimental analysis of solar desalination unit integrated with water lens can increase the performance of the distillate output more economically.

Future Plans

The future works involves the incorporation of pre-heater tank and sprinkler with the above mention experimental setup, thus to study the influence on rate of evaporation. This system can be used to dry grains with the help of a conveyor belt.

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