Performance Evaluation of a Solar Desalination System integrated with a Fresnel lens Concentrator


Developed a water desalination unit that could efficiently produce potable water by evaporation and condensation; integrated with a Fresnel lens solar concentrator

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Project Type

  • College Project



: Coimbatore

: 2015/01 to 2015/10


  • Solar Energy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Storage

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Team Members

  • Chaithanya K K
  • Subi Salim

Results & Inferences

The experimental observations of the behavior of Fresnel lens concentrator alone as pre-heating device can improve the performance of desalination system. The experiment reveals a maximum temperature of 64 ?C in the heater tank at an average irradiance of 750 W/m2. The yield was increased by reducing the water level in the desalination tank and the increased yield was 2.8 liters with 15 liters of water in the desalination

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