Market & Economic Feasibility Research For Biodiesel in India


To validate the market, technology and commercial/economic feasibility for the biodiesel business opportunity

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Project Type

  • Commercial Project


: Chennai,Mumbai,Hyderabad

: 2018/07 to 2018/10


  • Sustainable Mobility
  • Bio-Energy

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To validate market, technical and economic feasibility for the biodiesel business opportunity. This involved detailed secondary research to identify biodiesel manufacturing companies in India and primary research which involved detailed interactions with industry stakeholders to understand the potential of the Indian biodiesel market.

Tools & Technologies

Primary and Secondary research


This involved putting down of the entire biodiesel value chain and collecting details for each part through secondary and primary research.

Results & Inferences

We were able to connect to top stakeholders in the industry and get a thorough understanding of the market potential for biodiesel in India. Based on our understanding, we recommended different strategies for the client to enter the emerging biodiesel market.

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