PV Savvy - An Interactive Guide to Solar PV

Posted On:2018-11-06 13:04:16


PV Savvy is an online web resource that enables non-experts to understand solar PV (photovoltaic) in an easy, interesting and interactive manner. PV Savvy was developed by Solar Mango, the #1 Solar Guide and can accessed at www.pvsavvy.com

Project in a nutshell

What - What problem were you trying to solve? or, what was your value proposition?

Who - Who are/can be the key beneficiaries of this project?

Why - Why was your project different from others ? or, was there anything unique?

How - How did you overcome specific challenges?

Wow - Were there any special “wow” moments in the project?

Project Type

  • Commercial Project
  • Social/Community Project



: Chennai

: 2016/07 to 2016/12


  • Solar Energy

Project Status

  • Completed

Looking for

  • Partnerships

Team Members

  • Narasimhan Santhanam
  • Anjali Khandelwal
  • Ramya Gopinath


PV Savvy has three main sections:

  • Stage 1 - Basics of Solar
  • Stage 2 - Advanced Learning
  • Stage 3: Evaluation of Components

Stage 1 provides concise answers to the basic questions about solar power and solar power plants

Stage 2 provides understanding of specific PV aspects such as Generation, Power Plant Performance, Panel Selection, Inverter Selection and EPC Selection

Stage 3 provides interactive checklists and evaluation parameters for choosing the 4 main components: panels, inverters, cables and mounting structures

Tools & Technologies

PV Savvy is a web-based tool; it was developed using mysql database, PHP as the programming language and on the client side, tools such as Javascript and JQuery were used.

Technology-wise, there's nothing high-tech about PV Savvy; it is more about the way it uses basic web development technologies to provide a much needed interactive platform for a fast-growing domain.


There were three stages involved in developing PV Savvy

Stage 1: Needs Understanding - during this phase, we pooled in our understanding of the market needs as well as discussed with prospective users on the key requirements they had from such a tool. This took about 10 days

Stage 2: Design - this was the crucial stage. It involved preparing many mock-ups on paper to arrive at the best UI. This took about 2 weeks at start and continued even after Stage 3 started

Stage 3: This involved web application development and testing, with a combination of a product specialist & web development team

Results & Inferences

Overall, we are satisfied with way the platform works, and this was confirmed by the feedback received from the visitors. At the same time, for a platform of such value, we feel we need to have many more visitors use the site every day. Currently (Oct 2018), only about 50 visitors use the site every day. The site will be useful to 50,000 visitors everyday!

Future Plans

We are keen to provide custom versions of PV Savvy for different regions and for different industries. Those interested in having such custom versions developed can get in touch by sending a note to enquiry@solarmango.com . Thanks!

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