Online Control Unit for MPP tracking of Solar PV Array


Different control strategies were analysed and investigated to study the maximum power point trends or the maximum power generation on a PV module under different light conditions. Non-uniform illumination of PV called partial shading can often result in localised hotspots and significantly reduce the overall performance of the system. An online based remote control unit was designed to monitor the power generation and also to locate any dip due to hotspots

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  • College Project



: Leeds

: 2016/11 to 2016/12


  • Solar Energy

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The system was developed to work remotely on any capacity of solar installation. 

Tools & Technologies

The entire system was modelled on Matlab Simulink Software. A PV system was also simulated under various light testing conditions to study the actual effects of partial shading


Before modelling under external simulation, PV module was tested for various conditions and illumination levels.

Results & Inferences

A stable online system was developed to identify hotspots in a system.

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