Design and Implementation of E2Expo


The objective of this experiment is to recreate the experience of a traditional physical exhibition on an online platform and to determine if it can be used as an online promotional tool. E2Expo is a futuristic product designed and developed for a specific industry, the renewable and clean-tech solutions & products. The issue with the digital age is that the audience to a website or a blog is huge but the number of leads they attract is very less. And attracting relevant target audience is much tougher challenge. So the organizations are in look out for a platform which does not alone helps them with the lead generation but also helps them in providing much higher visibility to their brands in a cost effective way. So E2Expo was designed and implemented to solve this pain-point of bringing in more relevant audience in cost effective way.

Project in a nutshell

What - What problem were you trying to solve? or, what was your value proposition?

Who - Who are/can be the key beneficiaries of this project?

Why - Why was your project different from others ? or, was there anything unique?

How - How did you overcome specific challenges?

Wow - Were there any special “wow” moments in the project?

Project Type

  • College Project
  • Corporate/Industry Research
  • Commercial Project



: Chennai

: 2017/12 to 2018/05


  • Solar Energy
  • Water Management
  • Waste Management

Project Status

Looking for

Team Members

  • Shakthi
  • Arunesh


  • Company logo – To display in a prominent way
  • Product pictures – Multiple pictures running in a slider
  • Product brochures – Provide downloadable links for the use
  • Company representative pictures and details– For the users to know about the core team.
  • Product Demo and Company Videos
  • Product Demo and Company Videos
  • Providing an option to get vendor’s Business card
  • Chat box
  • Dynamic Presentation of the product page


Minimum Viable Product used to test the hypothesis. The MVP is a basic version of the product, a prototype or beta version that is developed with a minimum amount of effort and time. It lacks features that the product will have in a later stage but still has enough features to be able to measure the customer’s perception of the value of the product. The purpose is simply to let customers get in contact with the product sooner rather than later. 

Results & Inferences

The findings of the study can be put down in three main aspects. 1) Compared to product based companies, service/solution based companies especially medium scale companies definitely find it difficult to generate leads with the existing online platforms. 2) Portals like Indiamart do not provide as many quality leads as expected. Currently, most popular lead generation tool is SEO. 3) Leads generated from organic searches are far superior compared to other promotional tools like Indiamart.

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