Detailed Project Report for Solar Cell Manufacturing


Completed a detailed project report for a big firm looking to enter the solar panel manufacturing market in India. The DPR was done for their PV Cell and Module Manufacturing Plant of capacity 500MW and 1000MW respectively. DPR included a study on the market potential for a new entrant, the current players in the market, competition analysis, technologies available for the manufacturing, electrical, mechanical and civil requirements for the plant.

Project in a nutshell

What - What problem were you trying to solve? or, what was your value proposition?

Who - Who are/can be the key beneficiaries of this project?

Why - Why was your project different from others ? or, was there anything unique?

How - How did you overcome specific challenges?

Wow - Were there any special “wow” moments in the project?

Project Type

  • Commercial Project



: chennai ,karnataka

: 2018/06 to 2018/07


  • Solar Energy

Project Status

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Team Members

  • Chaithanya
  • Remya


1000 MW Solar Module Manufacturing Plant and 500 MW Solar Cell Manufacturing Plant



We collected data regarding the existing market, technologies available and supplied in the market, all the physical structural requirements from a leading PV Cell and Module Manufacturing Equipment Supplier. We also researched the Indian market potential for a new entrant

Results & Inferences

While there is a huge demand for such plants, it is not an easy process both financially and logistically to set up a new plant. The Solar Energy 2020 target set by the goverment, in this scenario , looks highly an ambitious target to achieve

Future Plans

As we did DPR for Solar Cell and Module Manufacturing and also being approached for DPR on PV Wafer manufacturing, we can do more DPRs easily. Also with the new Make in India Policies and Solar Target, there is a high market need for new plants

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