Swarna R @ E2Club

Chennai Area, India

Am an engineering graduate interested in renewable energy and clean technology

Been in E2 Since: 2018

Currently @ Energy Alternatives India Link

Locations Worked in: Chennai,

Sustainable Agriculture, Food & Forestry

  • Agri Waste Management
  • Sustainable Agriculture

Waste Management

  • eWaste Management
  • Plastics Management


  • Administration Support Services
  • Marketing & Biz Dev
  • Information Technology / Software

My Projects

Rainwater Harvesting System for an Urban Household

Rainwater harvesting can have numerous benefits irrespective of the location. From low water bills to reduced ecological footprint, to ensuring quality supply of water. We install rainwater harvesting...


Green Building Walls- A Vertical Garden Concept for Urban Landscape

Green Walls or Bio Walls can have a big impact on the temperature control of a building and helps to create a microclimate. Bio walls lower the energy loss in a building and dust reduction. Vegetation...


Plastic Reduction at a Popular Restaurant

We consulted a popular restaurant in town who was looking for options to reduce their plastic usage to become more sustainable. They replaced all their takeaway boxes with compostable bagasse based bo...