Kelvin Mathew @ E2Club

Greater Los Angeles Area

Leading a Solar Engineering firm. According to the clients requirement we can design and provide solar energy solutions for their power needs. Have done various types of projects like carports, rooftop, ground mounted projects etc

Been in E2 Since: 1994

Currently @ Power Sun Electrical Solutions

Locations Worked in: United States, Newyork, Washington,

Solar Energy

  • Solar PV
  • Ground Mounted Solar Power Plants
  • Rooftop Solar Power Plants
  • Offgrid Solar Power

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy Efficient Devices
  • Energy Efficient Buildings


  • Entrepreneur
  • Design & Engineering
  • Project Implementation

My Projects

Solar Public Street Lighting Systems

Replacement of normal light poles with Solar light poles. Considering the behaviour in hot climate and other benefits induction lamps were chosen. The system has a pole with solar panels on top, 2 lam...


SOLAR CARPORT- A Car Parking Space under solar Panels

By installing Solar Panels above your parking space, you can generate clean solar energy while providing shade. This system is installed for a company parking space for its staff and guests. The insta...


Ground mounted Community Solar PV Plant

Installed a 1MW Solar Power Plant that could provide alternate power to the community adjacent to the barren land. It was planned as a part of carbon footprint reduction of the community and rising el...


Solar Power with Storage Microgrid for a Large Produce Market

An energy microgrid capable of supplying the site’s entire electricity demand as well as exporting power to the utility and ‘islanding’ the entire site in the event of a blackout or grid instabi...