Narein Thomas @ E2Club

New Delhi Area, India

My company provides biomass solutions for industries, farmlands. We can install biomass gasification plants, anaerobic digesters, waste management solutions

Been in E2 Since: 2000

Currently @ Biomass Energy Solutions

Locations Worked in: Delhi, Haryana, Patiala ,


  • Biomass Heating
  • Biomass Power Generation
  • Biomass Gasification
  • Biomass Boilers
  • Biomass Supply

Waste Management


  • Entrepreneur
  • Design & Engineering

My Projects

Anaerobic Methane Digester for Food Waste

Anaerobic Methane Digester to turn food waste from vegetable market to methane for energy. Efficient waste management while generating energy ...


Restaurant Food Waste Management

Waste Treatment System that converts solids and effluents to biogas and then to electricity. Installed Waste to Bio Energy plant for a restaurant finding hard managing the food waste generated. ...


Biomass waste gasification heat and power plant for a farm

Installing a biomass gasifier feeding the biomass waste from a Farm. The agriculture waste from the farm is first chipper to uniform size for the biomass boiler using a chipper. ...