Imam Hussain @ E2Club

Hyderabad Area, India

I am passionate about solar energy and started a company with the vision of " self sustainable energy homes" in the name of Green Volt Solutions .The company has installed half megawatt solar packs in AP, India and educate thousands of children through its schoolar kits. Currently started the venture to serve the urban people with solveg product which can provide organic vegetables with 100% solar automation solutions with zero maintenance. Currently planning to add mobility services.

Been in E2 Since: 2013

Currently @ green volt

Locations Worked in: Hyderabad, pune, vijayawada, kurnool, Kadapa,

Sustainable Mobility

  • Electric Vehicles

Buildings & Construction

  • Green Buildings
  • Green Construction Materials


  • Entrepreneur
  • Project Implementation
  • Management Consulting

My Projects