Rajasekhar Reddy @ E2Club

Bengaluru Area, India

I am a solar photo voltaic Technology man, I do Designing, value Engineering, Evaluation of Equipment, New technology Adoption, Off-grid Solutions, and Monitoring of the plants. I have an experience of 200 MW of large scale projects. about 150 off-grid systems, water pumping systems, street lightning. Worked with 10 different types of Modules & Inverters as well as Micro inverters. Technology Adoption is the main learning for me.

Been in E2 Since: 2013

Currently @ Solar Corona Energy Private Limited Link

Locations Worked in: Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Coimbature, Delhi,

Solar Energy

  • Solar PV
  • Ground Mounted Solar Power Plants
  • Rooftop Solar Power Plants
  • Offgrid Solar Power
  • Others

Energy Storage

  • Battery Storage


  • Design & Engineering
  • Technical / Project Consulting
  • Sourcing / Procurement

My Projects

1 MW project on Poultry Farm

1 MW Power plant on the Asbestos Roof of Poultry farm in Karnrtaka...